Car Accident Lawyers in Jamaica

Being involved in a car accident in Jamaica can be a traumatic experience, especially if it’s a serious one that involves a fatality or serious injury which is why you need a car accident attorney Jamaica. During these times the last thing on your mind is going to be how you deal with the insurance companies and their questions. Victims of car accidents will more than likely suffer some kind of unplanned financial burden. It might be a loss of wages, or the cost of medical treatments, specialized medical services, medication, or perhaps having to pay someone to look after your children as you’re unable to.


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    The sad fact is some car accident victims in Jamaica choose not to get professional legal representation from car accident attorney Jamaica, and take the first offer presented by the insurance company. This is something you should never ever do. Statistics have shown that car accident victims in Jamaica will usually get a much higher level of compensation when they hire a competent car accident lawyer in Jamaica West Indies.

    Car Accident Attorney Jamaica FAQ

    Consulting a car accident lawyer in Jamaica immediately following a motor vehicle accident or collision is essential.
    Lawyers like us who specialize in car accident claims understand various, legal, evidentiary, and factual issues. In fact, the only thing that takes higher priority after an accident should be getting prompt medical treatment. Jamaica car crash victims who don’t the first talk with an injury lawyer sometimes make critical mistakes when it comes to their medical visits and interactions with insurance adjusters. They sometimes fail to see all the right medical providers or they don’t visit them soon enough, potentially giving the defense an opportunity to argue an intervening cause for the injury.
    Insurance adjusters, meanwhile, are often smooth talkers who can seem as if they’re trying to help you out. They are not.

    An experienced personal injury attorney in Jamaica will help to make sure you, your spouse or child are compensated for future medical treatments that may not be visible now.

    Our team of accident lawyers has years of experience in assisting car accident victims and making sure they get the best financial compensation that they deserve. If you or a family member have been involved in a car accident in Jamaica W.I. and been injured, then pick the phone and call Rachel Donaldson Attorney-at-Law at 876-632-2106 today. We will answer all of your questions and explain all of the legal options available. You deserve justice, and we’re the legal team that is here to help you!

    As the number of cars on the road in Jamaica West Indies increases, so does the number of accidents and fatalities. If you read the Gleaner or Star Newspaper you will see that every month there is a report of a motor vehicle accident. When you listen to TVJ or CVM News you are sure to hear of an accident on the Highway 2000 or on one of the main roads in Kingston or Montego Bay. If you ever find yourself, spouse or child involved in a car accident, your first call should be to seek medical help, your next call should be to your loved ones to let them know that you are okay, and your third call should be to an experienced car accident attorney.

    How Can A Car Accident Attorney in Jamaica W.I. Help You?

    Always keep in mind that insurance companies are businesses, and like most businesses, they want to maximize their profits. The insurance companies are by charging their customers their monthly/annual premiums and then limiting their expenses. And what is the largest expense of the insurance companies? Yes, you’ve guessed it! Insurance payouts to their customers. If an insurance company can keep their insurance payouts to a minimum then it means more profit for them.

    There is nothing an insurance company would like more than to deal directly with an accident victim that doesn’t have legal representation. Don’t be that accident victim that does not have legal representation in Jamaica.

    Most victims of car accidents have no idea about their legal rights until they’ve been explained to them clearly by an attorney, and this is something that insurance companies can use to their advantage during the negotiation process. An insurance company is probably not going to make their best offer immediately and may try to lowball you.

    When it comes to hiring a lawyer in Jamaica, don’t just hire any lawyer to represent you. An experienced divorce attorney with little or no experience in litigating car accident cases is probably not going to negotiate the best deal for you. You need an experienced car accident attorney who is not afraid to take your case to trial if they feel that the insurance company is trying to short change you and is not playing fair.

    We are experienced personal injury attorneys in Jamaica, and we will stand up for your rights! Call us at 876-632-2106 and you will be able to discuss your car accident issues with our professional and dedicated lawyers (