Child Accident Lawyers in Jamaica

Experiencing an accident that involves your child can be one of the most terrifying experiences that you can endure which is a good enough reason to hire a child accident attorney Jamaica. Children often hurt themselves and get minor injuries, that’s just part of growing up, but when they are involved in an accident which is someone else’s responsibility, you have to fight for their rights on their behalf.


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    Unfortunately, in Jamaica, there are many children that are involved in accidents that cause major injuries every year. In quite a few of those cases it’s the children who end up dying. Here is just a sample list of incidents where children regularly are involved:

    • Road accidents as a Passenger
    • Road accidents as a Cyclist
    • Road accidents as a Pedestrian
    • Accidents caused by a Dangerous Product
    • Accidents at School, Nursery and College
    • Lift or Escalator Accidents
    • Accidents on Vacation (example: in the swimming pool)
    • Slips, Trips or Falls
    • Accidents in Public Places
    • Accidents playing with toys that fall apart
    • Accidents from cribs and baby trolleys

    Child Accident Lawyer Jamaica – TIP #1

    How to protect your child after an accident

    While your first parental instinct is to check on your child, your first priority should be preventing a secondary crash. After a fender bender, safely pull the car to the side of the road in a lighted area at night if possible. Staying in the middle of busy lanes or near turns greatly increases your risk of being hit again which can be fatal!

    Once in a safer position, you can check on your child. However, most experts suggest waiting for an emergency team to pick up or move a child in a car seat. This is arguably the hardest piece of advice for parents, but improperly moving a child can worsen any and all injuries, especially if there is spinal damage.

    After your child receives care from the hospital or private doctor, request all medical records be sent to your pediatrician. We suggest that you use your phone to take a photo of the records just in case they are misplaced as this can happen. These documents will be important information should any injuries develop later on and for overall health monitoring of your child.

    An experienced children’s injury attorney in Jamaica will protect your interests in court or work to get a satisfactory out-of-court settlement. In many cases, the compensation received from those lawsuits covers medical expenses for treatments that parents couldn’t otherwise afford, so it’s important to be well represented in these negotiations and/or legal proceedings.

    Child Accident Attorney Jamaica – TIP #2

    Symptoms to watch for after a car crash

    1. Severe Headaches. Many people experience headaches after an accident; however, when they are severe and persistent, it could be a warning sign for a traumatic brain injury. Monitor your child closely the next few days after the car accident.
    2. Back or Neck Pain. According to the Back & Neck Pain Center, lower back pain is reported in more than half of rear-end accidents and three-quarters of side-impact accidents. This is usually caused by whiplash.
    3. Stomach Pain. Delayed abdominal pain, swelling, or bruising may be a sign of internal bleeding, which can go undetected for days. Lookout for any sudden changes in your child especially when someone touches them and you see them move suddenly due to pain.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that the risk of death in a car accident could be reduced by 71 percent for an infant and could be reduced by 54 percent for a toddler between the ages of 1 and 4, provided that the appropriate car seat safety guidelines were followed by the driver of the motor vehicle.

    Unfortunately, new research shows that many children who are dying in traffic accidents were not properly restrained when the crash occurred. As a responsible driver always insist that the child is restrained in the child seat as soon as they are in the car. If you or your child has been injured in a Jamaica traffic accident, find out about your right to money damages by contacting a seasoned personal injury lawyer in Jamaica

    Want To Know Why Parents Should Speak To A Child Injury Lawyer in Jamaica ASAP?

    1) Time limits: Also known as limitation periods, these are deadlines after which you CANNOT advance your child’s claim for compensation or after which it is more difficult to do so. Don’t waste time. Contact us as soon as possible if your child has been injured due to someone negligence.

    2) Insurance companies in Jamaica are not your child’s friend when it comes to an accident case.

    They may be pleasant, and seem caring but do not be fooled. We have encountered many parents who were dealing with the insurance adjuster directly and who were about to sign settlement documents when they realized they should get legal advice. Before you go to the insurance company speak with a lawyer first!

    Your interests are totally different: you want to make sure your child injured in a car accident in Jamaica West Indies or other types of accident receives all the financial security, insurance benefits, medical and rehabilitation coverage and compensation for the future which he or she is entitled to get. This compensation includes money for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disability, scars, burns, fractured bones, brain or head injuries, spinal cord injury, paraplegia or quadriplegia, and the list goes on.

    An injury lawyer in Jamaica committed to representing children can help you deal fairly and negotiate properly with any insurance company here in Jamaica.

    What does this mean? For starters, apart from the police and medical support, you should not describe the accident to anyone, especially an insurance adjuster, without speaking to a lawyer first. Speak with us first.

    Will an adjuster ask you for a statement? You bet. Just say “No thank you. Not at this time.” Even if they show up at the hospital or at your home, it is okay to decline. You may feel awkward saying no, many people do. Nevertheless, feeling a little awkward is far preferable to jeopardizing your child’s case.

    3) If you wait, it is a lot more difficult for your lawyer to gather the required evidence.

    When a child is injured in a car accident, the best evidence to show how the accident happened is collected right after the accident, for example, skid marks, crash debris and the vehicles themselves.

    Witnesses are another important consideration. They have to be found– which is easier sooner rather than later. They also have to be interviewed, ideally before the insurance company reaches them. At the accident scene always try to get the names, addresses and contact number of witnesses to the accident. Make a note of the time of the accident and take as many photos as you possibly can. If you don’t have a camera ask someone to use their phone and take photos.

    4) Discover today, not 4 months from now, how insurers and their legal defense team can interpret your child’s health records AGAINST your child.

    By speaking to an experienced child injury lawyer in Kingston Jamaica you will learn how to talk to your child’s treating physicians. Many parents, for example, are so pleased that the kids are able to walk and talk after a bad collision that they do not notice or overlook other important changes in behavior or emotional well-being which might suggest post-traumatic stress disorder.

    A pediatrician or family doctor may be looking for physical symptoms too and may not notice your child’s other symptoms. The result? If it is not written in the medical records from early on, the insurance company may suggest that any of these issues are not related to the accident and the child may miss an important assessment by a pediatric neuropsychologist or neurologist. Doctors with these specialties can provide the right diagnosis, treatment, and rehab plan. They can also make a big difference in your child’s case.

    We have many years of experience in child injuries lawsuits. Our attorneys are devoted to getting you and your child the compensation you deserve and will not settle for anything less. To book an initial consultation, contact us today on 876-632-2106, and let us know more about your case and we can discuss a plan of action for you to consider. Please, keep in mind that statutes of limitation may apply and the sooner we act, the better.

    It is our duty as human beings to protect children to the best of our abilities. Even if we fail to prevent an injury that they’ve experienced, we can make others more conscious about children’s safety, and get them to take action to prevent others from also being injured. There are far too many accidents being caused on the Jamaican roadways by people driving intoxicated. Sometimes even the most “innocent” looking accidents are related to someone’s negligence.

    How can a Child Accident Attorney in Jamaica help you and your child? 

    The first thing a seasoned Child Injuries attorney in Jamaica would do is determine what type of case yours is and look to find out who is responsible. After he or she looks into the details, they would be able to inform you what potential compensation you might be able to recover so you can pay for medical treatment and other costs that you may incur, medical, medications, surgery, aftercare treatments, periodic doctor visits, aftercare visit, and treatments) They will then file a lawsuit and proceed with all the necessary steps. If you don’t seek legal help and try to handle the situation on your own, directly contacting insurance companies or other third parties, your chances of getting the correct compensation that you deserve for your child treatment – or any compensation at all – drastically decrease!

    Parents do not blame yourself as no parent can watch over their child all of the time. When childhood accidents rise to the level of a serious injury, you have the right to know what happened and to hold accountable any negligent adult or company responsible. Adults have a legal duty to protect children from harm when possible. If an adult responsible for supervising a child neglected his or her obligation, they may be held liable for a child’s injury that occurred while in their care. A negligent adult or agency supervising children may be compelled to compensate the parents and child for their injuries and associated losses.

    This is why you need a reliable Child Injuries Lawyer to represent your best interest. Rachel Donaldson Attorney-at-Law is well known in Jamaica representing families in these types of case. We encourage you to contact us at 876-632-2106 now to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys. Don’t delay contact us now.