Medical Malpractice Attorney Jamaica

Medical malpractice is a legal cause of action that occurs when a medical or healthcare professional deviates from standards in his or her profession, thereby causing injury to a patient. Despite the advance of medical technology and the improvement of medical treatment in the 21st century, medical malpractice lawsuits are still a common problem. This is because it can sometimes be proved that some patients’ health has suffered as a result of medical negligence.

Many significant medical malpractice cases occur in Jamaica even though the initial condition of a patient hasn’t originally been that serious. In such an event, health providers, and insurance companies will often try to persuade you that the negative outcome you’ve experienced is not necessarily a result of medical negligence; or that taking this to the courtroom is going to be both expensive, and stressful for you, and therefore you should settle for what is on offer. Yeah right!…


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    Among professionals that may be potentially liable under medical malpractice laws here in Jamaica are,

    • Medical Practitioners – including physicians, surgeons, psychiatrists, and dentists.
    • Nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.
    • Allied health professionals – including physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists, pharmacists, optometrists, midwives, and medical radiation practitioners.

    If you or a loved one is a victim of medical malpractice in Jamaica, it is essential to seek legal help. Remember, the medical providers are all supported by powerful attorney firms, and it’s essential that if you have to take the legal route to seek compensation, then you are equally as well represented in a court of law. Even if you are not sure whether your case qualifies for medical malpractice prosecution, it is strongly recommended to at least consult with a personal injury lawyer in Jamaica to find out what legal routes are available to you. Health providers and their insurance companies count on the fact that you aren’t properly advised when it comes to your legal options and often save millions of dollars because of poorly handled medical malpractice cases, or because victims simply accept a lower amount than they would have been awarded in court because they don’t want to risk losing a battle in court.

    Medical Malpratice Lawyer Jamaica – Did You Know?

    Did you know that when a person is injured from medical malpractice, a lawsuit against a doctor or health care provider is usually the furthest thing from his or her mind? Concerns about one’s health; one ’s ability to keep working and providing for a family; and, the ability to regain one’s place as a productive member of society are among the far more pressing issues. It is typically not until these concerns have been dealt with or accepted that people even consider whether malpractice might have occurred. Unfortunately, the realization that one’s life-altering injury may have been preventable often adds to the difficulty of the situation. Do not hesitate to contact us to review your case. The sooner you contact us the better it will be for you and your family.

    Rachel Donaldson Attorney-at-Law has years of experience in handling medical malpractice cases. Our team of lawyers is well known in the Your City area for being tough and successfully protecting the clients’ medical malpractice interests. Contact us today at 876-632-2106 and we will schedule a meeting, where we will thoroughly review the details around your particular case and advise you on the best way to proceed. Since there could be statutes of limitation (meaning certain deadlines that a potential lawsuit should meet and have action taken by) we recommend you do that as soon as possible.

    Unfortunately, not all healthcare providers are going to be reliable as we would like them to be. And yet, in times of need, it is all we have to take care of our health and well-being. While modern technologies and various efficiency procedures are implemented in the medical treatment to try and guarantee a positive outcome following treatment, ( medical malpractice occurs more often than most healthcare providers would like to admit. Most cases associated with medical malpractice involve human error. Research has shown that in over 80% of those cases, the claimants get compensation. So it is worth knowing your legal rights.

    It is within an emotionally charged and upsetting context that the search for a medical malpractice attorney in Kingston, Ocho Rios or Montego Bay Jamaica typically begins. Of course, most people do not know which attorneys in Jamaica concentrate their practice in a specific area or which lAwyers happen to focus their practice on the highly technical and difficult field of medical malpractice suits. With the personal stresses and without any way to separate out which attorneys truly know how to handle a medical malpractice case in Jamaica, many people will hire the wrong lawyer. Don’t let that happen to you.

    A further part of the difficulty an injured person deals with when he or she considers a lawsuit is the perceived role of lawsuits in today’s society. Lawsuits are not and should not be about a “quick buck” or holding a company up for a “payday”. The civil justice system is about accountability – about placing blame where it belongs. It is about making sure that those injured are compensated for that which they can never get back. It is about making sure that the individual, regardless of his or her financial or societal status, has the same rights as the rich and powerful. It is about assuring society that we are all equal.

    Not every wrong can or should be the basis of a lawsuit. There are, however, many valid reasons to bring a lawsuit for medical malpractice round Jamaica. Obviously, the simplest reason is to right a wrong. There is also a great benefit to others in our community and our society as a whole in that meritorious lawsuits deter similar conduct. Unfortunately, the role of lawsuits in society has been damaged considerably by media attention of a handful of lawsuits, some of which were portrayed inaccurately to fit an agenda and some of which were portrayed correctly but should never have been brought. The end result is that, for a great number of people, lawsuits are nearly the definition of what is wrong with our Jamaican society today. Critics of our judicial system depict our courts as out of control, attorneys as greedy and lawsuits as damaging to the economy and Jamaican society as a whole.

    Medical Malpractice Attorney Jamaica


    A medical malpractice lawsuit is initiated officially by the filing and service of a summons and complaint. The parties subsequently engage in discovery a process through which documents such as medical records are exchanged, and depositions are taken by parties involved in the lawsuit. A deposition involves the taking of statements made under oath about the case. Certain conversations are not discoverable due to issues of privilege, legal protection against discovery, but most conversations between the parties and witnesses are discoverable.

    How Can A Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Jamaica Help You?

    While the official definition of medical malpractice leaves much room for interpretation, the first thing a seasoned medical malpractice lawyer will do is determine if your case falls under this category. Once an attorney confirms that there are grounds for a lawsuit, he or she will prepare the necessary documents and file the lawsuit on your behalf. Their goal is to make sure that you are compensated fairly in order to cover financial losses such as lost salary, medical treatment, and other costs while you are incapacitated.

    Often such cases end with a settlement out of court. A lawyer would fight for the settlement amount you deserve and advise you on how you should move forward. Without a lawyer by your side, you will probably leave money on the table, that could be helping solve some of your financial burdens.

    When your health has been compromised because of unsatisfactory medical treatment, you need a reliable partner to fight for you. If you are in or around Your City then Rachel Donaldson Attorney-at-Law is the first law firm that you should call. We have a good track record in protecting the legal rights of victims of medical malpractice. So contact us today at 876-632-2106.