Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Jamaica

Pedestrian Accident Attorney Jamaica!  Yes. you read correctly. Many Jamaicans are not aware that if they have been hit down while on the streets of Jamaica that they should seek the help of a personal injury attorney in Jamaica. Did you know that a pedestrian was killed every two hours in the United States in 2012, so think about the numbers for this globally and then think about this in Jamaica? Just because this is not reported as often in the Jamaica Gleaner does not mean that we don’t have quite a few pedestrians being hit down by careless and reckless drivers on the Jamaican streets.

So whether you’re someone who spends a lot of time walking around your neighborhood, you enjoy jogging for exercise, or you’re one of the people who take the JUTC bus or walk to work, you could be at risk of injury or death in a pedestrian accident.

It’s never something people want to think about, but it does happen.

If a pedestrian is struck and injured or killed by a driver, the motorist who was responsible for the crash is also responsible for paying the costs and losses that result from the accident.


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    Drivers purchase liability insurance to cover just such a tragic situation. The insurance company for the responsible driver will compensate the pedestrian who was hurt or will pay monetary damages to the surviving family members in the event that a pedestrian is killed in an accident.

    The compensation the insurance company will pay the injured victim should cover all losses sustained as a direct result of the crash. This can include:

    • Medical bills and costs arising from the injury
    • Lost income/wages if the injury causes the victim to miss work or to be unable to hold a job
    • Pain and suffering damages for the physical harm caused by the accident
    • Emotional distress if the accident causes PTSD or other mental harm
    • Wrongful death if the accident is fatal.

    Injured pedestrians in Jamaica should pursue a claim against the driver who was responsible for the crash in order to ensure that the insurance company provides coverage for these economic and non-economic losses.

    Pedestrian Accident Attorney Jamaica Info

    So what will you do if it happens to you?

    Unlike accidents that involve your car or motorcycle, chances are that you, as the pedestrian, won’t be represented by an insurance company should you be the victim of a pedestrian accident in Jamaica West Indies. You’ll probably be contacted by the driver’s insurance company, and you might receive a settlement offer from that company – but far too often, that settlement is way less than you really deserve. If you are a pedestrian that has been in an automotive accident then speak with us as soon as possible.

    How can Rachel Donaldson Attorney-at-Law help? 

    We take pride in being the advocate for Jamaican pedestrians involved in injury accidents or fatalities. If you’ve been a pedestrian involved in an accident on the Jamaican road – or one of your loved ones has been injured or killed as a pedestrian – it’s important to know that you don’t have to take the first settlement you’re offered.

    Think about it for a minute! That settlement might seem like a good deal of money – but is it going to be enough to cover all the medical bills related to the accident? And what about the long-term recovery costs, long-term medical treatments, and medications? If you miss work, that’s going to cost you money. If you need ongoing chiropractic care or physical therapy as the result of being hit by a vehicle, is the settlement you’re getting going to cover that? Think about it for a minute. This is a decision that can affect you and your family.

    It’s a lot to think about, and that’s why we’re here! 

    Rachel Donaldson Attorney-at-Law has many years of experience advocating for pedestrians who have been hurt in accidents involving motor vehicles. We care about getting you the settlement you deserve so that you can get back to work and back to your full mobility. If a loved one has been killed in a pedestrian accident, we want you to get a settlement that helps you cover the costs of lost income, funeral expenses and more.

    Insurance companies, on the other hand, only care about maximizing profits for their shareholders – even when that’s at the expense of your full recovery.

    Pedestrian accidents in Jamaica happen mainly for two reasons. First, the accident may be caused by the pedestrian himself, due to carelessness and lack of safety precaution; second, it can be attributed to motorist’s negligence of road safety, traffic violation, or as a result of a vehicle accident.

    Children and elderly are the high-risk victims in most pedestrian accidents.

    Some accidents involving motorists may be caused by the following factors:

    • An inattentive or pre-occupied driver (such as texting while driving)
    • Over-speeding and not adhering to the speed limits set on that particular road
    • Failure to stop at pedestrian crossings and in other pedestrian right of way areas
    • A driver busy with another task while driving the vehicle, ex., using the phone, etc.
    • A driver that is over the legal alcohol limit or has been taking drugs.

    Other factors, which could affect a driver or motorist, may also come into play in most road accidents:

    • Weather conditions
    • Road conditions
    • Other motorists

    A pedestrian accident can result in a range of injuries, from minor to serious ones. These are some of the common injuries that one may suffer in a pedestrian accident:

    • Broken or fractured bones
    • Permanent disability
    • Temporary incapacitation
    • Head injuries
    • Brain injuries and damage
    • Disfigurement
    • Mental distress and damage
    • Death

    Injuries and harm sustained in pedestrian accidents can be recovered. Under the Jamaican law, injured victims of these accidents can sue for injuries and damages from negligent parties.

    However, not all accident victims get what is due to them. Sometimes, victims or their relatives abandon their claims, especially when a relative-victim dies under tragic circumstances.

    Pursuing a claim in a pedestrian accident is a complicated task. It often involves other people, like police help in evidence gathering, or witnesses for their accounts. You may also need the professional services of doctors, experts, and attorneys to support your claim.

    Nevertheless, there are ways how to improve your settlement in such claim:

    1. Get a comprehensive medical report of your injuries from the attending doctor.
    2. Obtain all possible accounts of the incident from witnesses.
    3. Ask for an official copy of the police incident report.
    1. Hire a skilled and experienced pedestrian accident attorney.
    2. If possible take as many photos at the accident scene at the time of the accident.

    It is important to seek legal assistance from an experienced legal counsel as soon as possible to be able to file the case within the statute of limitations. The attorney will need time to get witness statements and any other details that can help your case.

    Therefore, the earlier you contact an attorney, the sooner that you can likely recover. Given adequate time, the plane accident attorney can put together a solid case in order to get you the compensation you deserve and will gather all the relevant facts and information in order to increase your chances of filing a successful claim against the person at fault.

    If you’ve or your loved ones have been involved in a pedestrian accident, think twice before you accept that settlement!

    Your first priority is to ensure that you get the immediate medical care you need and that your loved ones know you’re safe.

    The second priority is to secure a personal injury attorney in Jamaica West Indies who can advocate for you from the investigation phase, all the way to a trial if need be.

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